• Motoring

    Journey of my classic from Madrid to the North

    Darling, I will not fly back home with you from Alicante in Spain. I will go and see a car in Madrid and if it is as expected I will buy it and drive it to Germany and fly home from there. These were my words when at Helsinki airport waiting to board a plane with our friends to visit another family in Costa Blanca at Easter 2012. I had been looking for a mid-80’s BMW M535 with low mileage and with good history. The model is also known as E28. My interest had been raised by another example in dark metal green at a local classic car show close…

  • brexit -text

    Brexit – failure of British politics?

    British politics has come to one of its most important moments of the modern era. A long-standing relationship with Continental Europe is breaking up. What has led to this and what can we learn of this? Being or not being a member in the European Union is the free decision of a sovereign nation. No nation can be compelled to a partnership leaving such a decision to the mercy of domestic politics in a member country. Jo Johnson, a Conservative politician and an ex-member of the Cabinet, has dealt with the events leading to the British decision and problematics in his long report in the Financial Times on November 17…

  • Blogger

    Opening word from the editor
    – what and why?

    Ever since my teenage years, I have always been interested in writing with the subject matters depending on the time of my life and circumstances. These varied from school years’ obligations to student union communications all the way to being responsible for a listed company’s news releases; and occasionally anything else from opinion letters to newspapers and emails to journalists. Now that I have finished my professional career spanning almost four decades in business and its management, I decided to start writing more systematically about topics that are close to my heart. Along the years, I have followed different media outlets internationally on topics from politics to economy to business…

  • Motoring

    Experience Auto d’Epoca – Classic car show in Padova, Italy

    Hot summer days are turning into cooler nights and cooler days. Typical holiday chores are coupled with what is found in your garage or what could be found there. Interesting classic car events bring a welcome activity to engage oneself with the wider world. Auto (and Moto) d’Epoca in the Italian Padova, Padua in English, half an hour distance from Venice, is a good spot to discover in October. Some of the visitors arrive with their spouse and the region offers several interesting opportunities for sightseeing starting with the old town centre of Padova itself. Padova claims to be the oldest city in northern Italy, in Veneto, just half an…

  • Lifestyle

    Skiing on glacier in October

    Summer has turned into autumn and first signs of winter in the North are visible. The forthcoming season opens up new opportunities for those of us who like winter sports, such as skiing in its various forms. Snow is gradually landing in higher hemispheres or higher altitudes. One option is to head for the higher mountains. This was my choice at the end of October. By a recommendation of a recent winter Olympics gold medal winner, I have chosen Val Senales in Northern Italy, South Tyrol close to the Austrian border. My travels  took me on a flight to Milano from where I continued first by road eastward to Verona…