Opening word from the editor
– what and why?

Ever since my teenage years, I have always been interested in writing with the subject matters depending on the time of my life and circumstances. These varied from school years’ obligations to student union communications all the way to being responsible for a listed company’s news releases; and occasionally anything else from opinion letters to newspapers and emails to journalists. Now that I have finished my professional career spanning almost four decades in business and its management, I decided to start writing more systematically about topics that are close to my heart.

Along the years, I have followed different media outlets internationally on topics from politics to economy to business to sports to housing to culture. My interest has always been languages, which has made it possible to follow media in their original language. Having worked globally and had an opportunity to live in the UK, France and the US has further fostered an interest in different countries and their cultures. However, I am not only fascinated by society in broad terms but also by other topics that could well be branded under leisure: in my case, these include cars and lifestyle.

There is an abundance of ideas that I would like to write about and discuss with other likeminded people. So, I decided to open a website. The decision on the website name is not only one’s own choice but also a question of what is available, therefore “hanskis”. One has practically full freedom when it comes to choosing the subject matters they wish to address. With reference to what is said above, my decision is society, motoring and lifestyle.

Society, including politics and economy, is interesting in understanding the fundamentals of different countries, how the countries function and what the outcomes are. It is not unusual that a male person would also be interested in cars. There were the childhood dreams and summers spent as a teenager in London in the 70s with all those vehicles that are today’s classics. Naturally, it took more time to be able to realize one’s dreams. However, I am not only interested in cars as physical or engineering objects. For me everything that happens around cars, including understanding one’s own taste for cars and their design, the entire ownership cycle, driving and enjoying them, maintaining them, attending events and meeting interesting people from different countries, and financing aspects, are equally appealing. Having followed car magazines internationally, I also have some opinions on what they are publishing and writing about.

My original idea was to name the third topic “leisure”. However, I wanted to widen the approach to lifestyle, matters that form the way of our life and that are important to us. This can mean a variety of hobbies, sport, travelling, culture, interesting reading and so on.

My ambition is to write good quality articles with good background work incorporating my honest and personal approach. This will not happen automatically, and I need to be humble to study and learn more. However, one must start the process somewhere and that is here and now. My plan is to publish one article per week as a starting point. The articles are not so much about daily news and, therefore, are meant to stand the test of time. Only time will show how this will succeed and what kind of feedback I may get from the readers.

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